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Porsche Cayenne Drive shaft / cardan shaft & Replacement Center Support Mount

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Benefits of the Vertex Upgraded Rear Cardan Drive Shaft / Client Testimonial

- Eliminates annoying vibration from a prematurely failed drive shaft
- Direct replacement for easy installation
- Heavy duty German made center support bearing & diaphragm
- 1 year unlimited mile warranty
- High speed balancing assuring a smooth comfortable drive
- Reduced replacement cost by more the half
- Guaranteed fit and function
- Ready to ship today

Diagnosing Your Porsche Cayenne Cardan Drive Shaft

If your Porsche Cayenne's Drive Shaft is not operating efficiently, it will let you know immediately. Drive Shaft noises are usually caused by worn center support dampener, or a faulty center support bearing. Drive shaft noises and possible causes are as follows:

- A clunking or thumping sound, when going from acceleration to deceleration or deceleration to acceleration, may be caused by worn center support bearing dampener or diaphragm. A broken or worn center support bearing dampener will allow for the shaft to move up and down with changes in drive line torque. This movement will cause a loud clunking or thumping sound and make for a very uncomfortable ride. A broken center support bearing dampener is one of the most common failures on the Cayenne drive shaft.

- A whining sound from the drive shaft is sometimes caused by a dry, worn center support bearing. Since this bearing makes complete revolutions, it will make a different sound than a bad center support bearing dampener. A high-pitched, more constant whine will usually come from a faulty, broken or worn center support bearing.

- Grinding and squeaking from the drive shaft or prop shaft is frequently caused by worn C.V. joint. The joints become dry, causing the rollers to wear. The un-lubricated, damaged rollers then produce a grinding or squeaking sound, as they operate on the scored cap and cross surfaces.

Core Charge Notice

This Porsche Cayenne Drive Shaft carries a $150 core charge. The core charge is the amount will be added to your order invoice as a deposit and is fully refunded with the return of the defective, used unit from your vehicle. No core charge will be accessed when original defective, used drive shaft units is sent in ahead of time.

*Porsche drive shaft cores can't be disassembled and must be complete.

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